National Botox Day

November 20th is National Botox Day!

November 20th is National Botox Day, a nationally registered & inaugural day of celebrating Botox Cosmetic.

Now you can get the scoop on an exclusive offer that will be revealed on 11/20/2019:

  • Buy $100 Gift Card, Get One Free (aka BOGO!)
  • 1 BOGO Gift Card may be purchased per consumer on NATIONAL BOTOX DAY from 10am EST/7am PST via or via a “Text-to-Save” option following nationally broadcasted TV commercials as well
  • A “pop up message” will appear when the BOGO is sold out & a Holiday Gift Card offer ($100 for $75) will replace the BOGO
  • Gift cards can be used immediately upon purchase (the code to enter into BD is sent immediately to the purchaser’s email- they must provide that code to you)
  • Consumers DO NOT need to be a BD member to purchase a Gift Card(s), but they DO need to be a BD member to redeem them
  • Gift Cards never expire
  • Gift Cards may be used only for BOTOX COSMETIC
  • Gift Cards may be used along with any BD points and any Botox Cosmetic Rebates the user may already have

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