Treena L.

Lorelee is a delight to work with for refreshing, refining and highlighting areas for enhancements and improvements. She’s kind, informative, and thoughtful in her services provided. Her staff is easy to work with, accommodating and friendly. The entire experience is a pleasure, easy in and easy out all in a timely manner.

Kim O.

To celebrate my 60th & 61st birthdays, I choose CoolSculpting as a non-invasive method of removing stubborn pockets of body fat to improve my overall physical appearance. I also choose to have the procedure done at my PCP’s office, which gave me more of a comfortability level with this exciting, new procedure. I was provided with all the information I needed, from Lorelee & Sayard, for the procedure itself and for pre/post care. During my appointment, I felt absolutely pampered in their relaxing, spa like, CoolSculpting room where all details were methodically attended to and my comfort and care regularly checked on. I opted to have 6 areas worked on, around my middle.

During the procedure I had the most discomfort in my abdomen area, but in other areas had relatively little or none at all. That afternoon, after the procedure, and the next day I did experience discomfort of an aching nature in the treatment areas. The next few weeks saw a gradual decline in general achiness, and any minor bruising disappeared. I actually saw some initial results in 3 weeks! I am currently at 8 weeks. I have no reservations about having more treatments and would highly recommend the expert services provided by Lorelee and Sayard, both of whom are professional and personable, and easily put me at ease.

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